About Us

I got my first mini wire back in 1979 and have had the breed ever since.    Over the years I have had many dogs, both rescue and pedigree dachsies and have increased their numbers as time has passed by, much to the consternation of my mother who was not a dog lover!  Each and every one was different and irreplaceable but I have always had more.

Buffy produced our first litter which was anything but easy, as following her caesarean she was unable to feed her 5 pups because she did not produce any milk and we embarked on 2 hourly bottle feeds, feeling at times like the walking dead.  Despite all the hard work and sleepless nights it was all worth it, and subsequent litters have not been nearly so demanding. Besides I have to keep my vet in business!  He always manages to make money out of my dog breeding which is more than I can say for myself.  He suggested to me that I write a book about the 101 reasons not to breed, but I think I can come up with 102 as to why I should.

There are many breeders like me who choose not show their dogs and who do not like the politics of the dog show world.  I cannot therefore boast of having bred any champions but it does not follow that my dogs are in any way inferior to the “champion” show dogs because I do not elect to show them.  It is only my intention to breed happy healthy dogs, of good temperament for pet homes.

A final word of warning! If you have never owned a dachshund before, once you have had one,  you will become totally addicted!    They are great characters and at times I swear they think they are human.  Dogs do not have a hidden agenda as they aim only to please and end up stealing your heart!     It’s such a shame that so many dogs end up in rescue centres, thankfully very few dachshunds do but I would not breed mini wires if I thought that would be their fate.

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