About Us

I got my first mini wire in the 1970’s and have had the breed ever since.  They are first and foremost family pets and over the years I have had many breeds of dogs, both rescue and pedigrees.

I’d owned dachshunds for more than twenty years before I had my first litter and really didn’t anticipate it would be such hard work or such an emotional rollercoaster.   My first litter was anything but easy, as following an emergency caesarean my girl was unable to feed her surviving pups because she did not produce any milk and I embarked on two hourly bottle feeds, feeling at times like the walking dead but it did prepare me for what would be involved going forward.  Anyone who believes breeding dogs is an easy and quick money making venture then think again as it’s not.  You have to be prepared to be on the go twenty four hours a day with very little sleep and the only person who seems to profit from my labours is my vet.  I bred purely as a hobby so therefore have  only had an occasional litter.

There are many breeders like me who choose not show their dogs and who do not like the politics of the dog show world.  I cannot therefore boast of having bred any champions but it does not follow that my dogs are in any way inferior to the “champion” show dogs because I do not elect to show them.  It is only my intention to breed happy healthy dogs, of good temperament for pet homes.

If you’ve never owned a dachshund before and are looking to buy a puppy please do your homework. They are not the easiest dogs to house train, they have selective hearing and their recall is shocking, like all pups they chew and destroy things so if this is something that would bother you, a dachshund pup is not for you. They should also not be left on their own for long periods at a time so you may wish to consider whether your lifestyle is suited to owning a dog as it’s a lifetime commitment.   Despite their faults they are highly addictive, loving little characters, oozing with personality and I swear they think they are human, so be warned you may not end up with just one.

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